Introducting Hank the Buick : Roap Trip, West to East, North America

I am just preparing to set off on my own, on a road trip from Calgary, Alberta, Canada to Bangor, Maine, US. I say JUST PREPARING because I know my general direction. That is about it. And I am leaving in 5 days.

Lyn riding Hank in front of The Titan – World’s Largest Truck, Sparwood, British Columbia

How I met Hank

Hank is very dear to me.  He is a 1988 Buick Century, battered and rusted on the outside, well loved and in perfect condition on the inside.  When I first came to Canada back in January I did a ski season in Fernie, BC.  I met two top girls: Lyn (from New Zealand) and Aileen (from Scotland).

At that time Lyn owned Hank, and even on the worst, blistering cold mornings, after being lovingly dug out by Lyn, he made it up the hill to work.   Hank was a real trooper WE  thought: but people were waiting for Hank to fall to pieces.

That Spring we took Hank from Fernie, and drove across to the West of the US where the girls dropped me off in Portland, Oregon (one of my favourite places) and then doubled back to Vancouver.   Hank made it again.

From left to right: Lyn, me and Aileen in Portland, Oregon sat on Hank. Just about to part company.

After Lyn left the country, Aileen bought the car and he had a restful Summer in Golden, but made another major trip round BC before Aileen passed the car over to me.

Will Hank the Buick make the 4564k Journey?

My intention this October was to head to East of the US.   I hadn’t booked a bus ticket yet, I am pretty relaxed and find that things work better sometimes if you leave it late.  This was perfect.  Aileen dropped me an email letting me know Hank was mine, and I knew I was going to take him to the East.

I love him so much I do not want to drive him into the ground.  But I can feel he is as excited about this trip as I am!

So.  Will Hank and I make it?  I have every faith he will make it there AND back.  We will go nice and slow.   We will do a max of 5 hours driving a day.

Make sure you keep up with the adventures of Hank.  5 days to go!