Road tripping : British Columbia

It’s April 2012.  People we met on our road trip told us April is not the best time for a road trip.  This can be agreed in ways as we saw a lot of CLOSED signs, but as we did not want to spend money on Museums, and do not mind the cold we smile and agree to each other that we have beaten the crowds and that the country looks beautiful on crisp Spring mornings, with a sprinkling of snow here and there.   The roads are clear and, for the most part, the sun is shining.

We hired a car, a small car, from Enterprise on Granville Road, Vancouver.  The office is a hop, a skip and a jump to the Samesun Backpackers Hostel – although Enterprise footed the bill for a taxi, after withdrawing their offer to pick us up.  We giggle when we realised how close the two are, but with heavy bags we were appreciative.

Our little car was a new Mazda, with 4000 kilometres on the clock.  With our route planned, we opted for unlimited mileage, which was an extra $10 a day.  For this trip you will need it.

The plan follows:  Vancouver; Wells Gray Provincial Park; Revelstoke and then back via the South of BC so not to follow our tracks back too much.  And this was a perfect 7 day round trip in BC.