Positive Day 3 : North American Road Trip

So after a good nights sleep, lots of work done (meaning worry of my mind and money coming in), a good rest and a good breakfast Hank and I got back on the road.   Even if I was up late listening to the room next door have VERY LOUD sex.  That just made me chuckle to myself.

I am feeling much better about today.  The noises and the wobbles that I imagined Hank making last night seem to have dispersed.  Crazy what you imagine when you drive on your own in the dark.  Yes, okay, no more dark journeys. The wind has dropped.  Everything is better in the cold (overcast) light of day.   I am nearly in Minnesota, where towns seem to be getting closer together.  Hurray!

Tunes on and enjoying the drive in Hank now.  Especially as I have discovered I am a third of the way to my destination.

Sat in a cafe drinking coffee (strange, I do not drink coffee) stealing WiFi from the hotel next door.  ONWARDS!