Wisconsin Journey

So I couch surfed in Minnesota, a quick trip through – I really wish I could stay and look around these places but my time scale does not allow.  So onwards on Highway 94, through Wisconsin where the maple trees are turning orange and you can see them from the highway for miles and miles.  Hank the Buick is running well.   I checked him right over today, in the sunshine and have intentions to take him to a mechanic if I can find a reliable one.

I was heading for Madison but as darkness fell and my eyes were heavy with sleep I stopped in Black River Falls, and found a gem of a motel – the Falls Motel.  Quiet, cute, clean, cheaper than those on the highway with loads of character – this is perfect for me.  A few beers on my own and the comedy channel on; 9pm and I pretty much ready to sleep.  Happy that my journey is going well and meeting an old friend in Chicago tomorrow, I am feeling sweet and incredibly lucky to be able to do this.